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Coleman Montana Camping Tent

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Whether you are a novice camper, camping enthusiast, or professional guide type person, the Coleman Montana tent might very well be the camping tent you’re looking for.

Whatever your level of experience, no doubt you will require a tent that will enable you to be as comfortable as possible wherever you choose to go on an outdoors adventure.

The Montana tent comes in two different styles and three different colors. You can choose between a blue, black, or green tent and choose either the tent or lighted tent style.

Coleman camping tents have everything you need for a spacious, comfortable, and enchanting outdoor camping experience. This Montana 8-person Coleman tent will serve you best with its advantageous features and worthy construction.

Key Features

  • The Coleman Montana camping tent can sleep up to 8 people.

  • It has easy access thanks to the hinged door.

  • The tent contains an e-port which helps you connect to a power source.

  • Wide rain-fly that serves as a shade.

  • Can quickly and easily be set up in 15 minutes


Weather Proof Ability

The Montana Coleman Camping tent is equipped with sturdy and robust construction material that not only makes it durable for longevity but improves its weatherproof ability. All the corners and sides are welded and have no opening to let the rainwater reach inside. Other rain-fly features make it more liable to bear the harsh environmental conditions.

WeatherTec™ system patented Floor

Apart from the construction fabric, the WeatherTec™ system patented floor along with the frame are durable enough to survive more than 35 miles per hour of wind.

Hinged Door

The door of the Montana tent has the hinge feature, which enables easy opening and closing. Apart from that, an extended awning technology helps you to have easy access.

Storage Capability

There can be a lot of essential and valuable items with you when you're camping. These accessories may include the cameras, mobiles, camera lenses, batteries, and much more valuables that need to be secured. This Coleman Tent for Camping has an exceptional feature that comes with the storage pockets to keep all the stuff off the floor and protected.


The construction fiber material, along with the sturdy frame, makes the Montana an extremely durable option. The fiber material has a double thickness as compared to other ordinary tents available.

Continuous Pole Sleeves

Continuous pole sleeves in this Coleman tent allow you to easily set up and get to enjoying your adventure much quicker. You can also easily fold it back to place in your car’s trunk or your camping bag as it covers very little space.

Large Interior Space

Has a unique shape with ample interior space. The dimensions are 16 into 7 feet with a 6 feet in-center height. Also, this Coleman Tent for Camping can accommodate up to 8 persons easily.


This is an advanced and convenient feature of this Coleman Tent for Camping as it equips an E-port that runs through the tent in a clean and tidy way. This brings the electrical power to the inside compartment.


  • Offers resistance against water leakage

  • Looks like an aesthetic dome shape

  • WeatherTec™ system patented Floor

  • Rain-fly system to avoid the rainwater to reach inside

  • E-ports available for safe electrical supply

  • Snag-free continuous-pole selevels are available for easy setup

  • Pin-and-ring system for portability

  • Can accommodate up to 8-persons

  • Easier to clean and maintain

  • Sets up in less than 15 minutes

  • Portable - weighs 26.2 pounds only

  • Fiberglass poles are durable enough

  • 1-year warranty.


  • The floor material is a bit thin as compared to walls

  • Ventilation could have been improved.

Get your Coleman Montanta camping tent on Amazon here:

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